About Hockey Feels

Welcome to Hockey Feels, a podcast about hockey that focuses on how awesome the game of hockey is, but also on how it, as the name suggests, makes us feel. Your hosts:


Steven Schapansky: Edmonton native, an Oilers fan for life (barring a time in his teens when he “experimented” with other teams), who has suffered through a decade of Oilers disappointment that now appears to be finally turning the corner.


Rachel Donner: Brooklyn native, Philly area born, diehard Flyers fan, and has likely been to more games in more arenas around North America than you have.

Each week, we talk about the latest NHL news and how our teams did, and we’ll also dig into some issues that you won’t usually hear on other sports podcasts. We’ll also hear from others around the continent and around the world from time to time to get their perspectives.

We hope you’ll join us! Drop the puck!


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